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Tanya Levy is the founder and Director of the White Lotus Yoga Centre. I have been on the quest of uncovering the truth since 1992. Born and bread in Melbourne, Australia, I followed my ambition of being successful in marketing. After a divine intervention, my life took a right hand turn. I was initiated by a wise old woman, who mentored me in healing, meditation and communing with the unseen world. I began practicing yoga, meditation and was involved in healing groups. As a result, I followed my intuition which directed me to India. There I spent the next three years traveling, learning yoga, meditation, nutrition and how to follow my intuition and commune with nature and my inner nature. On my return home, family and friends insisted I teach them what I know.

The rest is history. I taught at home and in gyms. When my classes were too big I decided to open my own place, hence the birth of the White Lotus Yoga Centre. I have been teaching yoga ever since.

In this time I have been studying under the Zhander Remete` and Ema Balnaves learning the art of Shadow Yoga and the Dance of Shiva. I have studied and practiced numerous meditation techniques, including T.M., and Vipassna. I am a qualified Reiki Master, Sheichim levels 1 &2, Touch For Health levels 1&2, Crystal Light Balancing, Colour and Sound Therapy, Zenith Colour Healing, and Intuitive Healing. I have also been mentored by two further women in Shamanism, crystals, Australian Bush Flower Essences, and Doterra Essential Oils.

Currently I teach Shadow yoga, run meditation and self development classes, facilitate intuitive healing sessions, host international and local retreats, run solstice and equinox rituals and teach self empowerment courses. I feel I am an open channel of light. I am devoting my life to uncovering truth, being a channel and expression of light and igniting this within others.

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